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Managing the vineyards that have been passed on from father to son for eight generations, I producefiveexclusive vintages of Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran and Macon-Vergisson on plots of vines planted between1930and 1979.

MâCON-VERGISSON - Sur la roche

This terroir consists of a decalcified ferruginous clay soil,crossed by roots implanted in the Bajocian limestone bedrock.The 400-meter-high-slope is North-East exposed.It produces a fresh and mineral wine with great accuracy.


Meaning the 'soul' of the Forest's winemaking legacy. « Les Tilliers » is a calcareous Sinemurian clay soil. It produces a fine wine in the noble tradition of Chardonnay.« La Côte » is a Toarcian marl-limestone soil, located on thenorthern slope of the Vergisson hill. It produces a very mineral wine, powerful with a long finish; It has a nice volume and great aging potential. Since the 2008 vintage, « L'ÂME Forest » has been a combinationof « La Côte » and « Les Tilliers » productions in equal proportions. The soul of this wine lies in the perfect balance between these two soils planted in 1962 and in 1964 by my grandfather André, cultivated by my father Michel and in 1999, handed over to myself, Éric.


«Les Crays» is a land of limestone boulders on the blue marl Pliensbachian. Located on the southern side of the Vergisson hill, it benefits from great sun exposure and is protected from northern winds, producing a refreshing mineral wine rich with multiple citrus flavors. This vintage is harvested from several plots planted between 1930 and 1966.


My grand father, who possesses a vast knowledge in nature and biodynamics, has greatly infuenced my approach to wine making. To maintain the highest level of accuracy, I realize all the work manually. I prune the plants in a manner to allow for the vines to have ample ventilation thus minimizing the need to use phytosanitary products. I combat any other plant species with an environmental approach by carrying out extra plowing to sustain the soil and to encourage the roots to absorb the rich qualities held within the terroir. The grapes are hand picked and gently pressed. Here begins the winemaking process. The wine stands on its lees for ten to fifteen months inside oak barrels with reduced doses of sulfites. The wine is then personally bottled using gravity and often unfiltered.
As a passionate winemaker, I bring the utmost care and attention to all stages of the winemaking process, a personal commitment to deliver the high standards representative of my terroir.