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Wine-producing areas are located in southwest France, the vineyards of Madiran and Pacherenc, in that many of the wines produced in south-west region with a very strong Local characteristics. Capmartin is not only a wine-producing areas located in the same time, serve with the most famous in France Foie gras and truffles, as well as an extensive range of dishes made of duck and goose is delicious French cuisine ride File.

Capmartin of red wine produced in Madiran and white wine is produced in Pacherenc.


Domaine CAPMARTIN Cuvée Tradition
This wine offers a great pleasure for its flexibility and its fruit, which found a strong tannic structure, as always in this name but with a great finesse result of a remarkable work in the vineyard.

Red-White: 4 / 5

45% Tannat,
25% Cabernet Franc,
25% Cabernet Sauvignon
5% Iron Servadou

Temperature: 16 to 17 ° C
Decanting: Not necessary
Preservation: Now through 2009-2010

Beautiful deep color with garnet highlights.

Very aromatic nose, very ripe fruitiness which is present (especially blackberry) with hints of leather and spice (cinnamon, cloves, licorice), and caramel.

Good fruity freshness in attack, material based on marked but fine tannins, so that we find a soft enough, which gives a lot of fun, especially since the final is not lacking in length or horsepower. Very nice product.

Domaine CAPMARTIN Cuvée Vieilles Vignes
This vintage, which as its name suggests, comes from older vines, undergoes a fermentation of 26 days (against 20 for the Tradition), and is elevated 12 months in barrels. It offers now a real pleasure, a matter quite structured but elegant, however, we guess a good potential for development.

Red-White: 4 / 5

70% Tannat,
30% Cabernet Sauvignon

Temperature: 18 to 20 ° C
Decanting: Thirty minutes before serving
Conservation: 2004 to 2010

Dress in bright and dark bluish.

Nose mature and harmonious, the beautiful aromatic expression, declining fruit notes of red and black fruit brandy, underbrush, licorice, and leather and rabbit stomach.

Palate well balanced, full and harmonious, with very good fruit, with respect to a tight but silky tannins. The finish is elegant with a side woody / vanilla pleasant.

Domaine CAPMARTIN Cuvée du Couvent
Vintage high end of the field, pure tannat, it undergoes a long fermentation of 32 days, and is elevated 12 months in new barrels. Although already in its pleasant aromatic intensity, it is intended `` for a few years of aging in cellars, to offer five to ten years of

Red-White: 4 / 5

100% Tannat

Temperature: 16 to 18 ° C
Decanting: Not necessary at present, the trend is stable between the first and second nose
Storage: You can already enjoy it but it will be at its peak within 3 to 5 years

Deep ruby color.

Nose intensity, expressing ripe black fruit, spices (vanilla, cinnamon), the noble wood (cedar), as well as burnt notes of toast and roast.

Very nice well balanced palate, fresh attack, evolving over a large area rich in tannins purposes, the forest still dominates and request to merge in the coming years. The final, long, portends a bright future.


Domaine CAPMARTIN Pacherenc Blanc Sec
Sharing the same land as Madiran, which is a sort of white version, Pacherenc from the local dialect "in pachet renc" which means stakes in a row. His vineyard occupies the small country of Vic-Bihl around Portet. AOC since 1975, found here a very nice dry white powerful and long finish.

Red-White: 4 / 5

80% Gros Manseng,
10% Arrufiat 10%,
10% Petit Manseng

Temperature: 9 to 10 ° C
Preservation: Now and for 2 to 3 years

Beautiful golden yellow color.

Intense nose and ripe, revealing beautiful aromas of candied fruit (quince, citrus), exotic fruit, subtle caramel, lime and honey.

Mouth quite strong, good balance, good aromatic intensity (citrus). Evolution on more depth and soft, with a powerful finish and lightly wooded.

Domaine CAPMARTIN Pacherenc Du Couvent
The taste full of pure Petit Manseng which vinified with mastery of new barrels, the wine's Convent is a real happiness in the mouth: power and finesse, aromatic richness of this wine will make an excellent alternative to more traditional soft.

Red-White: 4 / 5

Petit Manseng,

Temperature: 8 ° C
Decanting: Not necessary
Conservation: To drink now but will thrive for 10 to 12 years

Straw-yellow with bright glints.

Beautiful nose of fresh, beautifully pure aromas, offering aromas of citrus peel, white fruit ripe, exotic fruit, honey, with hints of tea and spicy caramel.

Mouth very creamy and fresh, expressive enough to have the sensation of crunching fresh ripe fruit of quince and fig. Belle contained power, the finish is still marked by a little wood, with a spicy side which gives caratère.


Domaine CAPMARTIN Rosé de Béarn
Reconstituted after the phylloxera crisis, the vineyard occupies the hills Bearn prépyrénéennes on areas that coincide with the Jurançon and Madiran. The roses of Beam are the best ambassadors of the AOC, and are characterized by their alertness, their delicacy and good structure on the palate. Here is an excellent quite delicious!

Red-White: 4 / 5

Cabernet Franc, Tannat, Fer Servadou

Temperature: 8 to 9 ° C
Decanting: Not necessary

Salmon color with shimmer.

Nose end and showing a beautiful fresh fruit around notes of strawberry, tangerine, citrus peel, and floral notes to the agitation of the glass.

Mouth just very greedy, very fruity and very handsome volume. While flexibility and aromas

识悉 capmartin

Madiran region has brought wine grapes to Capmartin unusually high tannin content, the color depth is also a very strong alcohol, so that the young red wine has the potential. After several years of storage allows post-Cheng-rounded wine quality. Is a game with Santa items. In order to reduce tannin strength, is usually mixed with a little Iron, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc and other varieties. Can be tasted delicate spices, coffee, cocoa and vanilla flavor.

Capmartin dry white wine, the potential alcohol content of 13%, and contains not more than 3 grams of residual sugar per liter. While Pacherenc there is no Sec dry title, is reserved For semi-sweet, sweet wines. The potential alcohol content of 12.5%, and includes a 35 grams per liter the lowest residual sugar.

According to the British "Times" reported that two small cups a day of Madiran Wine can be To provide a sufficient amount of procyanidins, lowering blood pressure.

Here the history of grape growing and its grape varieties, the quality is also very good. Even Another way, south-west wine region and Bordeaux sprinkling of quality is the same, while the price than the Bohr Multi-low, so the French tend to come here and buy their favorite wine.

Usually through the Bordeaux wine to Bordeaux in the name of the dealer sold to overseas markets. And we Directly Capmartin license sales, can have a strong south-west wine directly to the body In Asia, in front of you so that you feel like sitting in the Botanical Garden among grape varieties. CAPMARTIN has 16 hectares of vineyards, the main producing red wine, White Wine and rosé wines, 3 major categories.